The 2023 budget consisted of an $8.1 million levy. The proposed 3% levy increase represented the Council’s priorities of meeting payments for debt, constructing and maintaining City assets such as roads, buildings, parks, and equipment as well as service to the citizens while keeping taxes low. New growth will lessen the City tax impact on property owners with many properties anticipated to potentially see a decrease in their City taxes despite inflationary increases. Even with this increase, we anticipate continuing to have the lowest City tax rate in Wright County. 

The most significant increases in the budget are going toward:

  •  Public Works Equipment,  Additional Personnel and Fuel/Asphalt inflationary increases
  •  Wright County Sheriff Patrol Cost Additional Contracted Hours
  •  Fire Department Staffing and Equipment
  •  Benefit, Wage, and Market Rate Staffing Adjustments

If you have questions or want further information, you may contact City Administrator/Public Works Director Steve Bot at or (763) 416-7931 or Finance Director Sue Ferbuyt at or (763) 416-7914. The City will conduct the annual Truth in Taxation meeting to discuss the 2023 budget on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022 at 7 p.m. at St. Michael City Hall. The public will be able to comment on the budget and property tax levy at that meeting.

 2023 Preliminary Budget