Dispose Of Compost

To request a Compost and Yard Waste access card, please complete the Compost Request Form. Once you complete the form, save the document and email it to city hall to have an access card mailed to you or you can come into City Hall during regular business hours to obtain an access card immediately in person.

If your card is lost or not functioning, you can obtain a new one by calling City Hall at (763) 497-2041 to pay the $5.00 replacement fee with a credit card over the phone.

Location: 3150 Lander Ave NE
Access:  Compost and Yard Waste access cards can be requested by completing a request form.  This form must be completed to obtain a new card or replace a lost /damaged card.

  • Replacement cards are $5.00.
  • One card per household.
  • Must be a St. Michael Resident to obtain a card.
  • Citations are issued for all violations.

Open: 24 hours a day/7 days a week (with access card) for St. Michael residents. 


Grass clippings, leaves, mulch, flowers, weeds, sod and garden waste. Items must be removed from bags.

Used Oil Disposal
Next to the compost site, there is a drop for the public to dispose of used oil. No gasoline or solvents are accepted. The cost of disposal is 50 cents per filter and $1/gallon of antifreeze.


No pallets, tree stumps, brush roots, landscape timbers, lumber/construction debris, dirty rock, landscape fabric or household garbage. Please pay attention to the sign as you enter our facility of items NOT allowed, which is a violation.

Compost_Access_Card_Request Form

Email form to cityhall@stmichaelmn.gov.