Recycling & Disposal

Residents are able to choose a garbage hauler from the following list, unless they are under an HOA which requires a certain garbage hauler. The City of St. Michael offers recycling through Waste Management.  Waste Management offers the cart options below.  

Cart Size      Cost Per Month (2024 Rates)               
38 Gallon  $5.00 (Min. Recycling Fee)
65 Gallon  $5.25
95 Gallon  $5.50

Do you need to change your cart size? 

There is a $30 exchange fee to switch cart sizes, which will be charged on your utility bill with Joint Powers.  If you are a new resident, you have 90 days from moving the water bill into your name to decide if you need a different size cart with the exchange fee waived.  After 90 days the exchange fee will apply.   

IMPORTANT: If you are moving, please leave your recycling cart at the residence even if you are moving within the City limits. Carts are specific to that address and removing a cart may result in a fee on your utility bill. Damaged carts will be charged a replacement fee of $75.00.

Organic Recycling 

The City of St. Michael has a joint partnership with the City of Hanover for residents to dispose of organic recycling. To participate, residents need to visit Hanover City Hall during open business hours to receive a code for access to the organics dumpster which is located behind Hanover City Hall. Be sure to only compost acceptable organic waste. For more information visit here

Recycling/Drop Sites

Randy's Environmental Services (Republic Services) and the Wright County Compost and Recycling Facility are available for public drop-off of recycling and for approved dump materials. Visit here for more information on the locations and for a list of accepted materials. 


The City Compost site is located at 3150 Lander Ave NE. To request a Compost and Yard Waste access card and for more information on accepted materials, visit here

Used Oil Disposal

Next to the compost site, there is a drop for the public to dispose of used oil. No gasoline or solvents are accepted. The cost of disposal is 50 cents per filter and $1/gallon of antifreeze. 

Contact Waste Management for:

  • Cart Issues
  • Size Changes
  • Missed Recycling
  • What Can Be Recycled
  • If You Received A Warning Tag On Your Cart
  • General Service Questions or Concerns