Massage Business Ordinance & License Applications

Did you know the City of St. Michael recently adopted a new ordinance requiring massage businesses and therapists to be licensed? Business owners will now be required to obtain an initial Therapeutic Massage Enterprise License and renew the license each year thereafter. In addition, each massage therapist operating under the massage enterprise license will be required to complete an initial application for an Individual Massage Therapist License and a renewal license each year following. A massage therapist, who is a sole proprietor, only needs to obtain the Individual Massage Therapist license, not both.
The City is requesting all massage business enterprises and massage therapists providing massage service to the public within the City of St. Michael to submit the required licensed application, fees, and conform to the requirements set forth in Chapter 117 (Massage Businesses & Services) of the City Code no later than January 31st, 2023.
Below is a copy of the recently adopted ordinance and Therapeutic Massage Enterprise License and the Individual Massage Therapist/Sole Proprietor License applications.