Trailblazer is designed to serve the general public, meaning that almost anyone can use both the bus system and the volunteer driver program for almost any reason.  There are no qualifications or requirements to access Trailblazer services, but there are some policies that may restrict use.  Customers do NOT need to be a resident to access the public transit system, but transit service is only provided to individuals wanting transportation within the defined service area.

Children, youth, adults, and seniors alike use Trailblazer to get to work, school, day care, recreational activities, and social events.  Some common destinations include medical facilities, restaurants, banks, drug and grocery stores, beauty salons, barbers, and government offices.  However, Trailblazer does not provide transportation for medical emergencies.

Trailblazer buses are equipped with an elevator for handicapped accessibility and for customers who have difficulty using the stairs for any reason.  Everyone is welcome and invited to use the elevators.

You can visit the website here or contact them at 1-888-743-3828