Night to Unite

Night to Unite (NTU) is a nationwide, annual event that offers residents a unique opportunity to get to know their neighbors, chat with local Public Safety officials, and ultimately build a safer community. 

Each neighborhood decides how they want to celebrate the event. Some neighborhoods have potlucks, pizza parties, or ice cream socials, while others choose to simply visit with one another. No matter how big or small your party is getting to know your neighbors is the first step in neighborhood safety. And if you're lucky you may get a visit from members of the St. Michael Fire Department!


Register Your Party!

Register your party with the City! This information is used to coordinate visits by public safety to your neighborhood party. Not all parties are guaranteed a visit, but we will do our best to get to as many parties as possible.


Want to Close Your Street for Party?

Some street closures (or partial closures) may be allowed. City staff will need to review and approve the request prior to any street closure. The deadline for street closure applications is the Wednesday prior to NTU.


Getting Started

  • Start planning early.
  • Ask for help from your neighbors
  • Get organized
    • Keep it simple! This is supposed to be fun. Enjoy the evening with your neighbors!
    • Plan activities that promote conversation.
    • Get older kids involved in planning kids games and activities.
    • Consider logistics | tables, chairs, bug repellent, grills, coolers, etc.
    • Create invitations/flyers.
    • Plan clean up.
  • Download the Planning Kit (PDF) and register your party!