Planning & Zoning

Planning for the City of St. Michael is guided by a Comprehensive Plan and implemented with zoning and subdivision ordinances. These plans and ordinances provide for orderly development and redevelopment of the City, while protecting the health, safety, and general welfare of residents and businesses. If you have questions about planning or zoning activities, please call City Hall at 763-497-2041.

Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan serves as a vision statement for the City of St. Michael that anticipates and guides change for 10+ years. The Plan includes long-range goals, policies, and plans related to Land Use, Transportation, Housing, Infrastructure, and Parks. The Plan is continually reviewed and updated to reflect changing conditions. View the comprehensive plan and more information here

The Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances regulate uses and structures throughout the City and provide for general development standards. The ordinances provide answers to questions such as; How close can my shed be to the property line? How many parking stalls do I need to provide for my business? and Where can I install a fence in my yard? For information on a specific issue, contact City Hall or search the City's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances here. 

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on requests for subdivisions, commercial/industrial site plans, conditional use permits, rezonings, and Comprehensive Plan amendments. The Planning Commission does have authority to approve or deny variance requests without Council action. The seven-member Planning Commission consists of St. Michael residents that are appointed by the City Council. For more information on planning commission and to access the meetings remotely, visit here
The purpose of St. Michael’s code enforcement is to provide a clear and consistent process for the investigation, notification, and correction of code violations. The goal of code enforcement is to seek voluntary compliance with the requirements of the City’s Ordinances, which provide for the maintenance of a high quality of life in the community and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens. For information on zoning codes, violations and reporting violations, visit here