Construction Update #3 (7/6/23)

The Contractor has completed all of the driveway and roadway culverts in in Phase 2 (residential area consisting of Naughtor Ave, O’Dean Ave, and 54th Street cul-de-sac). If you live in the Phase 2 area and your culvert has not been replaced yet, then it is not planning to be replaced with the project. The next task the Contractor will work on is grading the roads in preparation for paving the first layer of asphalt, known as the base course. Base course paving for O’Dean Ave and 54th Street cul-de-sac is tentatively scheduled for early to middle of next week (week of July 10th) with Naughtor Ave more likely to be the following week. After base course paving the contractor will patch driveways, cleanup ditches, and restore the disturbed grass areas with seed. The 3rd and final phase of the project (Needham Ave, Nelmark Ave, and 54th Street) should begin in middle to late July and we anticipate being finished with that phase by late August.

Construction Update #2 (6/21/23)

The Contractor has completed the base course paving and restoration on 43rd Street and they will be moving over to the first residential area this week. The first phase of the residential area will include Naughtor Ave, O’Dean Ave, and 54th Street cul-de-sac (east of Ogren Ave). They will start with removing the existing street surface by pulverizing it to gravel. Expect some minor travel delays during this process and follow the instructions of the workers as they will direct you around their work. After pavement removal is completed a utility subcontractor will be in to replace the street culverts and certain driveway culverts. The City is only replacing driveway culverts that are necessary to resolve drainage issues (collapsed, corroded, plugged, etc.) and not for aesthetics. We will not be replacing culverts that have crinkled ends or are heaving unless they are also causing drainage issues. Culverts that are heaved and have created a bump in the driveway are common in rural areas with shallower ditches and clay soils. Simply replacing the culverts will not resolve the heaving issue and the new culvert will heave just as the old one did. If you believe your culvert needs to be replaced for drainage reasons and you want to ensure that it is looked at please contact the construction observer (Jim) at 612-500-2475.

Construction Update #1 (5/31/23)

The Contractor began working on the project on May 15th and has focused their efforts on 43rd Street NE (commercial project area) and the Preserve Park parking lot. The Contractor has finished installing the sanitary sewer main and services along 43rd Street NE and they will remove the roadway surface and the parking lot surface at Preserve Park on 5/31 and 6/1. We anticipate approximately 3 weeks of construction remains in the 43rd Street/Preserve Park project areas. The second phase of the project will move over to the residential project areas to complete the storm sewer culvert replacements. This work is anticipated to begin in late June and take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete (weather dependent). After the storm sewer crossings are completed the street surface will be removed on most of the project streets in the residential area. Most of the street surfaces in the residential areas will remain intact until early July. A future update will provide more clarification of timing of the street surface removals.